6.13-6.14 群星璀璨特色课程 | 芭蕾舞/爵士舞/现代舞/莎莎舞/Bachata


BREAKING NEWS Lets welcome the six teachers to bring us a series of wonderful dance courses, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Contemporary , Ballet, Salsa and Bachata. You can book withSouldancing App.

  Kelly NimensTyce DiorioAlicia GuyWillJohnstonKellyChapman University )KellyChapman Dance TeamAmericas Got TalentThe Next StepMVKelly

Kelly Nimens (Toronto, Canada) studied under the following prominentchoreographers; Tyce Diorio, Alicia Guy, Will Johnston, While in ChapmanUnivercity , Kelly benefitted from the varied Dance Performances, Dance Tour andbeing Captain of the Chapman Dance Team. Besides, she also had impressiveperformances in Americas Got Talentand The Next Step, Music videos..

Luke Zivkovic / Afro,cover samsung custodia ” data-textnode-index=”20″ data-index=”974″>。 samsung custodia original 2014Balkan DanceProject

Luke Zivkovis (Serbia) trains in Ballet, Jazz (Lyrical, Broadway/Musical Theater,Street, Afro), Contemporary and Hip- Hop etc.He won a bronze medal in theWorld dance Championships in 2014. He was active in most of the theatersand programs, for example the famous show Balkan Dance Project series. Nikola Tomasevic , 201019104201311便 4

Nikola Tomasevic is a professional dancer from Serbia. Even before he was a teen,he hadbeen attending international dance competitions, and he won numerousawards. In addition, Nikola performed musical theaters, Chicago, TheMarathonFamily and Queen of the Gypsies in Serbia.He has been performingcontemporary ballet since 2010. He was the main role in10 of his ballet shows, outof 19. And he did solo in 4 ballet shows. Hisclassic ballet career started in 2010. Heperformed in 11 classic ballet shows, and his biggest credit from this is being the1st solo in Swan Lake. Duringhis ballet career, he won 4 national awards in Serbia.

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Marko Vasiljevic is a professional Latin dancer and in national team of Serbia.He played in many theaters and shows. He have experience in performing inconcerts example LepaBrena 2017 and Dixilend orchestra 20142017.
AriehSalsa耀Salsaiphone cover outlet soloSo You Think You Can Dance17Arieh SalsaIsaacVictor ManuelleCachaoiphone cover outlet SalsaFrankin DiazSelene TovarEddie andMariaTorresEddie Jr.Charlie GarciaLiz LiraJayson MolinaBeto Rojas

Arieh Alexander is the newest world salsa dance sensation and is very excited tobemaking his presence at Souldancing Across so many internationaldestinations, hehas performed and taught his unique flavor and expression. He also hasprofessionally shared the stage performing with or alongside manyfamous aritstssuch as Franklin Diaz, Selene Tovar, Eddie and Maria Torres, EddieJr., CharlieGarcia, Liz Lira, Jayson Molina, Beto Rojas, and more...

Bojana Matic 2002cover iphone 6 custodia outlet ” data-textnode-index=”54″ data-index=”3467″>。 custodia samsung galaxy ShawGuy WeizmanJens Van DaeleLeo MujicStasa Zurovac

Bojana dances with Serbian National Theatre since 2002. During those years shedanced in all classical ballet, neoclassical and modern dance shows, opera, dramaand kids shows that were on repertoire of National Theatre. Amazing experiencein her career was when she got an opportunity to dance Michael Jackson TributeShow in London, Shaw Theatre.Shes been dancing with Forum for New Dancecompany, that been doing exclusively contemporary dance pieces by internationalchoreographers such as Guy Weizman, Jens Van Daele, Leo Mujic, Stasa Zurovac.

每节课程为60分钟 单次课程到店价:人民币300/节

Each Class is 60mins One Class Drop in At door: RMB300

Souldancing 会员福利 尊享划卡上课,不另外收费

Souldancing Member Charge as regular classes

非会员可转发链接获得一节免费课程 Repost to get one free class. For first trial only

Please reserve your spot before the class.