9.5/9.8 – Kids Latin Dance Open Class


Dancing experience is an important label in kids’ life




More and more parents encourage their kids to develop aura.

Latin dance is the best way.




Is Latin dancing suitable for my child?

 My kid has no dancing experience

The good teachers will lead children to fall in love with Latin dance in the first class. Cha cha cha for example is the first dance that children learn. At first it seams difficult but if taught in slow, easy steps it can be a great way to build confidence and prepare for more advanced dances.


My kid is extrovert and adorable

The kids will show their passion when they hear the latin music. Latin technique is the most complex technique that requires control and that’s why dancers who dance latin can easily switch to any other style after-wards. Kids enjoy latin classes because of its dynamic, all latin dances are fast so kids don’t find it boring and they respond to the fast rhythms and exciting choreography.



My kid is a bit shy in social situation

Almost every day parents call us to help their children become more confident instead of too shy to new friends, and especially around the opposite sex. Latin dancing brings common purpose to children of all ages and interaction becomes second nature leading to healthy relations.

Latin dance for children is a source of exercise, social development, and just plain fun.Latin dance is mix of physical and psychological benefits for children,encourages self-expression and mental stimulation.



Give your child a Latin trip at Soulndacing

Kids Latin Open Class Schedule

Latin Instructor 

Irena Max 

Irena Max is a professional dancer from Serbia. She started her dance career when she was a kid. She has attended a lot of international competitions and won various international awards.

Irena Max Introduction导师简历

9月5日周三| Sept 8th, Wed

17:00-18:00 Kids Pre-Latin (Age 4-6)

9月8日周六 | Sept 1st, Sat

14:05-15:05 Kids Latin(Age 7 up)

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Class Reservation

Souldancing Members are free to participate the class. Non-members repost the link to Wechat moment to get the free open class.  Contact(021)6256-4400 or emai to reserve the class.


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