African Dance

Afro Dance has many different styles, but they are all built upon a common rhythm and closely connected with nature.

Most Afro Dance is very high energy and positive. Afro Dance has a lot of jumps and quick whole body movements, in contrast to many Western styles that rely mostly on arm and leg movement.

In Afro Dance, you will move from your feet to your head and back. It’s vigorous and playful and makes for excellent exercise and cardio.

African Dance includes:

  • Quick arm throws
  • Rapid shoulder, torso and hip moves
  • Stamping and hopping steps
  • Asymmetrical body moves
  • Circular, fluid movements

Not all the moves are forceful; many consist of gentle sways and taps that require concentration and grace to perform well.

The practice of Afro Dance involves the class as a group and includes hand clapping, foot tapping, and dancing in lines or circles while facing fellow dancers.

Overall Afro Dance is a lot of fun – and sweat!

Oh, and did we mention? In Souldancing Shanghai, each Afro Dance class has at least one live drummer to pump the energy up and create an energetic and spiritual atmosphere.

The live percussion artist is directed by our Afro Dance teacher, and the live drum rhythms will change as the class progresses and new moves are practiced.

Souldancing Studio offers one Afro Dance class with live drumming per week. No previous experience is necessary. You can also practice many of the same moves in our Reggae-Dancehall classes during the week (without drummer). The practice of Afro Dance will also help you in our Hip Hop Dance Class.

For schedule details, see the Shanghai Dancing Classes page.

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