Ballet is a highly technical and formal dance style, mostly performed on classical music.

Contemporary ballet is a form of dance influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance. It takes its technique and use of pointe work from classical ballet but allows a greater range of movement.

Ballet requires flexibility, strength, patience and dedication. It is one of the hardest forms of dance to master, but the beauty and grace of ballet dancing are well worth it.

Classes Availability: Unfortunately, due to the technicality and difficulty of ballet, our ballet classes have not had as many students as necessary to ensure their viability. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended ballet instruction in Shanghai Souldancing, as of April 2009.

Our ballet classes will resume depending on students’ interest. If you are specifically interested in ballet dance lessons, and whether you are a Souldancing member or not, you can reach out to us and express your interest at 62564400 or or at the studio reception. We will keep track of the demand and resume ballet lessons once enough students are requesting it.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you are into ballet, you can still enroll in our Contemporary Jazz Dance classes where many of the same movements are taught. Or see the list of all our dance classes.

If you are not a Souldancing Studio member yet, you can check our general information page to find out more about our Shanghai Dance Studio. We are centrally located and within walking distance from subway Line 1 and 2. Click on “Map” at the top of this page to find your way around the busy Shanghai streets!

See you in the studio!