Salsa has a special place among dancing styles because so many people practice it. Salsa is incredibly popular around the world, throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States, and is gaining popularity in Asia in general and Shanghai in particular.

Salsa is also a particularly social style of dance, because it requires a partner. Both in classes and in parties, it is normal for dancers to change partner often and dance with many different people, which gives each dancer a chance to practice many different styles, and make new friends!

All around the world, whether you are in Miami, Paris, or Tokyo, many clubs specialize in Latin music and if you can dance salsa, you can go any night of the week and have fun with the locals!

This is true in Shanghai as well – there is at least one salsa party every night in a different venue, and you can practice any night of the week!

While not the easiest dance form, because of its high tempo, Salsa is not particularly difficult. Dancers of all skill levels should be able to “get good” within a matter of months.

There are a number of major schools of salsa dancing style. The main ones are LA style, Colombian style and Cuban style. In Souldancing Shanghai, we teach mostly Cuban and LA styles.

Contrary to other dance styles such as Hip Hop or Afro Dance, Salsa is quite codified and requires specific steps. A lot of emphasis is put on the footwork, especially for beginners.

Generally speaking, the woman always mirrors the man’s steps. The man is leading most moves in salsa.

In our Salsa Class for Beginners, you will first practice the basic steps without a partner, then quickly progress to partner work.

You will learn:

  • Basic rhythm, timing and steps
  • Secrets of being a great Leader or Follower
  • Partner Connection
  • Cross-Body Leads
  • Open Breaks
  • Basic Right and Left Turns
  • Cross-Hand Hold
  • Combinations that put it all together
  • And more…

Within a few weeks you will feel very comfortable in the Beginner class and your Salsa will start to look good! It’s then time to progress to our Advanced Salsa Dance Class.

In our Advanced Salsa Class, you will learn:

  • Advanced footwork
  • Lady Styling and Shines
  • Inside Turns
  • Reverse Cross-Body Lead
  • Hammerlocks
  • Multiple Turns and Travelling Turns
  • Underarm Turns
  • And much, much more…

We also organize special practice classes as well as parties where we go out as a group and practice in different venues around Shanghai.

Souldancing has Salsa dance classes every day of the week. No previous experience is necessary.

Please check the Shanghai dancing classes page for our full schedule.

If you are not a Souldancing Studio member yet, please check our “about us” page for information on our Shanghai Dance Studio. We are centrally located and within walking distance from subway Line 1 and 2. Click on “Map” at the top of this page to find your way around the busy Shanghai streets!

Feel free to reach us at 62564400 or if you have any questions.

See you in the studio!