Q01: What is Souldancing? 

Souldancing is both a Dancing Studio and a Performance Company.

We provide 9 hours of daily dance classes for our Shanghai Students. See our “About Us” page for more on the Dancing Studio.

We design choreographies and promotion shows and tour around China for our corporate clients. See our China Performances page for more on our Performance Team.

Q02: What dancing styles do you offer?

Currently we offer no less than 16 classes, including Pole DancingSalsaBelly DanceHip HopBalletJazzYogaPilates, and more.

See our Shanghai Dance Classes page for more details.

Q03: When can beginners start? 

Beginners can start anytime. We have beginners (level 1) classes every day. Our teachers are trained to give new students extra personal attention to make sure they can follow the basic moves.

You can progress at your own pace and move on to more advanced classes when you feel comfortable.

Q04: Can I change my courses at will? 

Souldancing has an “all-you-can-dance” membership system. That means that, with your membership card, you can try any style you like, at your leisure. Some students choose to focus on one style, some like to experiment with many. It’s your choice!

If you buy a 6 months or one year card, you can do as many classes as you want – it’s unlimited.

Q05: Is there any period of validity?

Your card is valid for one year from the date or purchase.

Q06: Can I come to try a class?

Yes. You will need to pay 100 RMB to drop in and try one class. When you buy a membership card afterwards, the 100 RMB can be used as part of the purchase price (provided you purchase it on the same day).

Q07: How long will it take me to learn to dance well?

It depends what you mean by “dancing well”, and it depends where you start from. Everyone learns at a different speed. However, it is guaranteed that every student will learn the basic steps and at least 2 or 3 variations in their first class. The more lessons you take, the more techniques you will learn, and of course, the more fun you will have.

The best way to learn a new technique is to attack it all around visually (videos), physically (taking group & private lessons), and mentally — and remember persistence & above all practice make all the difference between a fast & slow beginner.

Most of our students are happy with their results within the first few classes, and become very proficient within a couple of months.

Q08: Is dancing an exercise to reduce weight and improve your health?

Generally speaking, an hour of dancing burns twice as much as tennis, swimming, walking, or bicycling.

It is easy to do long sessions, because it is a fun activity and therefore you do not get bored or burned out. Dancing doesn’t feel like “exercise”. Many of our students do 2 or even 3 hours of classes in a row – try to do that on a treadmill!

It is also easier to keep motivated, because classes are enjoyable and you make friends with fellow students, which provides motivation for you to come back. Many of our students are now in their third year with us!

Besides improving appearance and poise, dance can enhance your overall physical condition, such as flexibility, coordination, endurance and balance. Thus doctors advise dancing as a way to lower the risk of coronary heart disease, to control blood pressure, reduce back pain and lose weight.

In addition, dancing and aerobic exercise is proven to improve your mood and make you more optimistic!

Q09: What kind of shoes and clothes should I wear in class?

We suggest you wear comfortable shoes for class, sneakers for hip-hop, bare foot or shoes with soft treads for Belly dance, and do not wear slippers or skid-proof shoes for Salsa.

For jazz and ballet, wear form-fitting clothes that can stretch.
For pole dancing, wear short pants and a tank top so that your skin can be in contact with the pole.

Q10: Where is Souldancing Studio?

Room 418, Block A, No. 1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (near Jianshan Rd)

Q11: Do you offer a Teacher Training Program?

Yes. Please see our Shanghai Dance Instructor Training page for more details.

Q12: Do you offer Team Building Activities?

Yes. See our Shanghai Team Building page for details on how you can use dance classes for Team Building purpose.

Q13: Do you offer Private Lessons?

Yes, either in the studio or directly at your home. See our page on Private Dance Lessons in Shanghai for details.