March 12th Workshop- Jazz Funk by Shona

Workshop Series –  Jazz Funk

Date/ time: 10.30am-12.00pm, Sunday, Mar. 12th

Instructor: Shona

Address: Souldancing Studio, Room 418, Block A, No.1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jiashan Rd) 复兴中路1199号A座418室 (近嘉善路)/ (021) 6256-4400

*Class is 90 minutes 课时为90分钟

*Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced 难度: 中级-高级

We are pleased to invite Shona from Spain to bring us a Jazz Funk workshop on Mar. 12th.

3月12日周日,我们将邀请来自西班牙的Shona带给我们一节Jazz Funk workshop。

Shona is a very talented dancer/teacher/choreographer. Her recent credentials include:

  • NIKE dancer Portugal, Spain and China
  • Assistant of choreography SINO GROUP (MYST, FUSION, 7TH FLOOR…)
  • Discodramah (IBIZA- matinée)


  • 受邀称为葡萄牙、西班牙与中国的耐克舞者
  • SINO GROUP的执行编舞
  • 中国达人秀舞者
  • Discodramah表演舞者

For those who haven’t met her in person, there is a footage of her teaching. Let’s have a look!


The Jazz Funk Workshop Shona prepared is very challenging and fun in the same time. I don’t know you…but I can’t wait to meet her in the class on Mar. 12th! Are You Ready?

Shona为大家准备的Jazz Funk 工作坊,内容非常挑战,也很有趣味,小编本人已经跃跃欲试了,您准备好了吗?我们3月12日见!

How to Register 报名方式

Original Price: RMB350/ pax 原价350/每人 REPOST, RMB150/ pax 若微信分享,即可以150元的优惠价格购买此课程

  • Workshop Series is valid for Souldancing membershipREPOST & make your reservation in APP now! Souldancing 会员凭有效会籍+微信分享,即可提前在APP中预约!Limited Free Spots for Professional Dancers 职业舞者有少数免费申请名额 
  • Reservation is required 需提前预约: (021) 6271-2275