10.30 Back to the 90’s Halloween


The scariest thing in the world right now isn’t ghosts or goblins 

It’s the TIME 




We are taking back on a spooky journey through the sights and sounds of all things 90s… this is a VERY SPECIAL Halloween version dancing night! On Tuesday October 30, with your favorite teachers, bringing you back towards to dancing decade…


What should you wear? Come as you aren’t. (It’s Halloween after all)


ALL COSTUMES ARE WELCOME, but we hope to see EVERYONE supporting their favorite dancing decade, categories like 80s/90s TV or Movie Character, 80s/90s Music or Fashion Icon, or dressing as your favorite character, a vampire, a doctor or a minion…..



Anybody or anything you want to be, following your heart!

Tips: Don’t forget to trick-or-treat to your teachers; )







All teachers prepare the special play list and choreography, with their costumes to surprise you! 

Teachers & Class Schedule

Jerome Alexander / Irena Max / Nikola Tomash / Izzy Tronic / Ella Huang


Jazz Funk (absolute beginner) 爵士街舞(绝对零基础)

Latin&Waltz(Absolute Beginner) 拉丁与华尔兹(绝对零基础)

Hip-Hop Level 1街舞初级

Sexy Pole 性感钢管舞


MTV Dance Level1 MTV舞初级

Salsa (Absolute Beginner) 莎莎舞


Hip-Hop Level 2 街舞中级

Pole Dance Level2 钢管舞中级


Salsa Level1 莎莎舞初级

Heels Dance Level2 高跟鞋舞中级

 Class reservation is open from Oct 28th via Souldancing App, mail to or contact (021) 62564400.

Mark your calendars, and get ready to sink a few decades back in time. We can’t wait for you to come over!