11.23-26 Dance Workshop by William, Kyle, Chase

  Just recently, these 3 furious dancers/ choreographers/ instructors have won many hearts. cover samsung custodia What will they bring us this time? Let’s take a look of the videos of previous workshops. cover iphone 6 plus custodia

Video Showcase

Contemporary Workshop by William

Contemporary Workshop by Kyle Contemporary Workshop by Chase During Nov.23-26, there will be 7 workshops in total covering Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Jazz, Heels dances for your choices. For each instructor’s detailed bio and more videos, please refer to their individual introduction page in official wechat account (ID: souldancingchina). iphone custodia   William Thomas Will danced for many stars such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. cover iphone outlet He may be best known as a contestant on Season 9 of “So You Think You Can Dance” where he finished within the top 4 guys and toured America with the show. Kyle Ponte Kyle holds many first place national titles/choreography awards on both the east coast and west coast, but to him that stuff isn’t important. iphone 7 custodia outlet He really enjoys being in the studio creating with hard working dancers and sharing what he has learned over the years. Kyle is currently apart of Mather Dance Company Pro and is also the Assistant Director of Dance Fusion. custodia huawei outlet   Chase Bowden Chase trains in ballet, tap, jazz, acro, contemporary, musical theatre, hiphop, lyrical, and ballroom, a 2 time national title winner for Dance Masters of America, was 1st runner up for Senior Male Best Dancer for the Dance Awards in 2015, an assistant on the dance convention called LA Dance Magic with prestigious choreographers, was seen on Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance Season 1.

Class Schedule/ 课程安排

Nov 23 / Thursday 周四 19:00-20:30 Contemporary – Kyle 现代舞 20:40-22:10 Jazz Funk – William 爵士街舞 Nov 24 / Friday 周五 19:00-20:30 Jazz – Chase 爵士舞 Nov 25 / Saturday 周六 13:00-14:30 Jazz – Kyle 爵士舞 14:40-16:10 Contemporary – Wiilliam 现代舞 Nov 26 / Sunday 周日 13:00-14:30 Heels – William 高跟鞋舞 14:40-16:10 Chase – Contemporary 现代舞

Each Class is 90mins One Class Drop in At door: RMB250 Pre-sale repost: RMB200 Workshop Pass / 7 Classes At door: RMB1,400 Presale with Repost: RMB1,120 Souldancing Member 180RMB Per Class. cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet 10% off for the 7 class pass VIP Member: 100RMB Per Class Please reserve your spot at lease 1 day before the class.