3.19 William Thomas Workshop – Contemporary/Jazz Funk

William Thomas Workshop


March 19th,Monday

Contemporary and Jazz Funk

Video Showcase

Contemporary Workshop showcase

Jazz Funk Workshop showcase

课程时间/ Workshop Schedule

Mar 19 / Monday 周一

19:00-20:30 Contemporary 现代舞

20:40-22:10 Jazz Funk 爵士街舞

Will出生于密歇根的特洛伊城。18岁那年他搬到了洛杉矶追寻他的舞蹈事业,并迅速取得了成功。他已经和众多的明星同台过,包括Disney’s Raven, The Jonas Brothers, and The Cheetah Girls。他还曾经为众多的大牌明星伴舞,诸如Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift。 Will的表演/舞蹈在许多电视秀上出镜过–包括“Nashville”, “Parenthood”, “Hit the Floor”, and “Superstore”. 他还在VMA、The Critics Choice Awards这些舞台上进行过表演。 除此之外,他还在Pitch Perfect 3这部电影中有上佳表现。 cover custodia samsung 他还热衷于在全国主持各种活动。除了舞蹈和表演,他还在平面、T台这些模特领域一展身手。他最受瞩目的舞蹈经历,是在So you think you can dance第九季中获得了男子组前四名,并进行了全美巡回表演。 目前Will在national dance convention进行长期授课。他还是Royal Flux舞蹈公司的重要成员。他还是Millennium Dance Complex常客老师,经常在全美巡回教授工作坊。他自己仍旧不断刻苦训练,以求不断精进。 Will Thomas is the youngest of three kids raised in Troy, Michigan. custodia de samsung galaxy He moved to L.A. after turning 18 to focus on his acting and dancing career where he quickly found success. custodia huawei outlet He has danced on stage with Disney’s Raven, The Jonas Brothers, and The Cheetah Girls. Will was a featured dancer for Shontelle Layne, and Kid Rock, and has danced for such artists as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. cover custodia samsung Will’s acting/dancing can be seen in several episodes of “Nashville”, “Parenthood”, “Hit the Floor”, and “Superstore”. He has enjoyed performing on stage at the VMA’s, The Critics Choice Awards, and with the New York City Rockettes during their Summer Spectacular! Pitch Perfect is one of Will’s favorite movie series. iphone cover outlet He was very excited when asked to dance in the upcoming 3rdmovie, “Pitch Perfect 3”. Will enjoys hosting events and has emceed all over the country. cover iphone In addition, he can be seen modeling in print and runway events. He may be best known as a contestant on Season 9 of “So You Think You Can Dance” where he finished within the top 4 guys and toured America with the show. Will is currently teaching on a national dance convention and is a member of Jaci Royal’s ‘Royal Flux Dance Company’. He is a frequent instructor at Millennium Dance Complex, in workshops around the country, and invited to teach in studios all over the world. samsung custodia outlet William continues to train in all styles of dance, acting, and voice. “Let’s Dance, Laugh, Love…Repeat” ~ Will

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Each Class is 90mins

One class drop in RMB250

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RMB180 for each class.

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Tel: (021) 6256-4400

Souldancing国际舞蹈艺术中心联合上海国际舞蹈项目推出工作坊系列。课程将由业界优秀的舞者和编导们客座执教,他们来自不同的国家,擅长不同的舞蹈风格。这将是一个极好的专业知识,人才信息,艺术风格等交流的平台,也将把我们的舞蹈工作坊推向一个更高的水平。SIDP (Shanghai International Dance Project) along with Souldancing Studio presents Workshop Series.