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Souldancing – 5.11-12 YOUNG DANCER INTENSIVE – Hip-Hop / Contemporary

5.11-12 YOUNG DANCER INTENSIVE – Hip-Hop / Contemporary

Mariah Spears

One of the best instructors of  

“Hollywood Dance Experience”

Mariah Spears 

will have her first kids workshop

at Souldancing Studio



Contemporary Workshop

Day&Time: May 11, Sat,19:30- 21:00

May 12, Sun, 17:25-18:55

Ages: 6 years up with dancing experience

Dress Code:T-shirt and leggings, jazz shoes or socks, hair neatly tied up.


Join the kids Contemporary Workshop is a great way to encourage them to improve their dancing techniques, sense of rhythm and built the confidence for free style dancing. During 90mins the instructor will train them fundamental contemporary techniques, movement phrases in floor, center and traveling work, and dance combinations.

Hip Hop Workshop

Day &Time: May 11,Sat, 17:25- 18:55

May 12, Sun, 19:00-20:30

Ages: 6 years up with dancing experience

Dress Code:Black T-shirt with black leggings or sweatpants, sports shoes, hair neatly tied up


The Hip-Hop Workshop will be a 90mins class with full of excitement and energy class. With Mariah, kids will learn Hip-Hop moves including body awareness, basic body isolations, precision, and the Hip-Hop techniques. Get ready for a very cool choreography.

Fee: 350RMB/90mins. Repost to get 20% off.

Souldancing Member 280RMB/90mins

To register: (021) 62564400 or mail to

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– Mariah Spears –

– 自幼习舞,全面绽放 ‘I have a dream’

Mariah Spears is a professional dancer from USA. She began dancing when she was two  years old, and is trained in ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, krump, popping, breaking, locking, salsa, tap, ballroom, and tumbling. Mariah Spears是一位来自美国的专业舞者。她在两岁就开始习舞,学习芭蕾、现代舞、爵士、街舞、踢踏舞、莎莎舞、拉丁舞等各种舞蹈

– 艺术与学术 Dance and Academy.

She trained at Classic Image Dance in Arizona through out her childhood,  and began competing dance at the age of 5. She graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Dance Performance and minor in Theater Technology and Honors. Mariah在亚利桑那州舞蹈学校“Classic Image Dance”中度过了她的童年时光,5岁开始参加各类舞蹈比赛。坚持着舞蹈梦想, Mariah毕业于加州著名学府查普曼大学,获得舞蹈表演艺术学士学位和戏剧专业学位。

– 机会总是给有准备的人 Opportunities are for thoese well-prepared

Mariah was a featured performer as one of the top 16 dancers on Fox Television’s Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Mariah多年来刻苦的学习和精湛的演绎使她一路成为美国著名真人秀“So You Think You Can Dance”第十季的夺冠焦点,打败世界众多顶级舞者晋级16强

Mariah has choreographed for artists such as Warren G and Snoop Dogg. Her work is featured in the movie G-Funk. She also has choreographed commercially for Nike and House of Hoops.她的舞蹈创编能力也尤为出色,作为最年轻的编舞师为电影《G-Funk》编舞,为实力派歌星Warren G 、Snoop Gogg伴舞和编创,以及御用于众多著名国际品牌等等…

– 让舞蹈更充满质感 Keep up technically

Mariah believes that dancing is not about copy the steps or movemtns, but to express yourselves through the melody. The technics will make the dance more veritable. She is currently traveling and teaching around the world; having taught in Australia, Paris, and around the US, teaching  hip hop, contemporary, kids dance and competitive teams. She is also currently teaching with the touring convention Hollywood Dance Experience. Mariah认为学习舞蹈不仅仅是复制动作,而是通过身体对音乐的充分表达,加入技术技巧使得舞蹈更为质感。她的理念被世界级的导师所认可,并被邀请至澳大利亚、巴黎和美国各地教授街舞、现代舞、少儿舞蹈和比赛团队,目前她正在世界著名的舞蹈盛宴《Hollywood Dance Experience》巡回执教。

More great instructors are landing

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