All the way from Paris: Salsa Instructor Yegor Joins Souldancing

Yegor Kozlov, an active salsa dancer/instructor/organizer from Paris, is going to join Souldancing Studio from August!

让我们热烈欢迎Yegor Kozlov, 一位活跃在巴黎的salsa舞者/教师/组织者,于八月正式加盟成为Souldancing教师团队的重要一员!

Yegor is a talented teacher who masters many different dances. He teaches Salsa, Cuban, Bachata, Kizomba and more.


He is a fine student of the world-famous Terry Tauliaut. To continuously improve his dancing/teaching skills, he has participated in more than 50 top salsa festivals around the work and took all the top workshops/bootcamps.

他师从于世界知名的salsa大师Terry Tauliaut,是其得以门生之一。执着于持续提升自身水平的Yegor,目前已经参加50多个世界顶级salsa节,并参加了不计其数的顶级课程。

His teaching is very detail-oriented, and therefore welcome by so many students.


Apart of teaching, he is also an active international dance organizer. He is a core member of Paris Salsa Congress; He is the key organizer of Kizomba Backstage; He is also President of the dance association ‘Dance Lab’. Moreover, he is a fine salsa DJ.
除了教授舞蹈外,他还是一个经验丰富的国际舞蹈活动组织者。他是巴黎salsa congress的重要一员;Kizomba Backstage的核心组织者;Dance Lab舞蹈协会的主席。此外,他还是一位非常优秀的salsa DJ。