Dear parents and our Souldancers, 

our  Interminational Young Dancer Program April Examination

 will start from this weekends!

Young dancers will have examinations during the regular classes. Combo class will not have exams.

Dates April 13 – May 2

Schedule 45mins examination, 15mins talking with parents

Result A review will be released to parents after a week. If the children are new to join the program, the parents will receive the evaluation of dancing skills they have so far.

Preparation Please arrive at studio 15 mins before the class. Get the number for your child.

Final check with the dress code and hair style.

Dress Code

Ballet Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, hair tied up

Jazz Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, hair tied up

Latin Latin dress, Latin shoes, hair tied up

Hip-Hop T-shirt, sports pants, sports shoes, hair pulled back

Musical Theatre  Leotard, tights,jazz shoes,hair tied up

Contemporary T-shirt, leggings or tights, jazz shoes, hair pulled back

Attention  Please do not interrupt the class. Food, water and any personal belongings are not allowed to be in the class.

If your child can’t attend the examinations, please contact us from email

本次考评教师Evaluation Teachers

Jerome Alexander , Irena Max 

Souldancing Studio has recently begun implementing the American Dance Association’s curriculum for training young dancers. It has a clear guide for dance instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, and Hip Hop. This system is unique! Most programs only cater to Ballet and adjudicate students based on their ages, which actually impedes the training process and neglects to value a child’s individual talent. We are choosing to follow the ADA’s system, because in addition to considering rudimentary skills, Souldancing believes some importance should be set aside to consider the dancer’s artistry and talent in the examination process.

Our objective is to make sure all students, regardless of their preferred dance style, receive the best training possible. Souldancing’s exams are designed to make sure each student is in the appropriate class, evaluate the skills, track the program process and, that our students are meeting the expectations of Dance Educators Internationally.




Examinations will be administered every 6 months by Principle Teachers with the ADA. They will review our dancers making sure the assessments are unbiased and fall within International Guidelines. The American Dance Association considers many different approaches and theories while creating its curriculum. Dance is an Art Form that is always changing and growing. We want to align ourselves with a program that values creativity, respects the rigor of each discipline, and honors the similar nuances found in the vast majority of dance styles. 

We understand that everyone who trains at Souldancing Studio will have a different goal, so we have two programs designed for our students. All students who initially join our studio are a part of our Academy Program; professional training for students who take once or twice a week.



For dancers seeking to perform with Souldancing’s Professional Company or compete both domestically and internationally, we will invite dancers to audition and join Souldancing’s Stars, a professional competitive and performance company. These dancers will take a higher volume of classes in several dance styles separate from our Academy classes designed to prepare them for the professional world.

Both Souldancing’s Academy Program and Souldancing’s Stars will follow American Dance Association’s  guidelines to ensure the highest quality of dance instruction. 。



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Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Pole,  Chair Dance, Heels Dance, MTV Dance, Jazz Funk, Hiphop, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Private Wedding Dance, Company Teambuilding Class and variety styles of Kids Dance etc.

Souldancing复兴分部作为上海最大规模,最大国际师资团体的舞蹈工作室之一,总面积超过1300平方米,拥有5间设施完整的舞蹈教室, VIP私人舞蹈课程教室,舒适的休息区,以及宽敞的更衣室和淋浴设施。来自世界各地的专业舞蹈老师,将为您提供每天20小时及每周150节以上的舞蹈课程供您选择。

Souldancing Studio设有20种以上舞蹈课程,包括: