Salsa Bachata New Year Party

Too cold to countdown at Shanghai Times Square? Too crowded to watch the 4D lighting show at The Bund?
We’ve got you a plan for new year celebration – SOULSA New Year Eve Countdown Party & Chachacha Open Class at Souldancing on December 31, 2016 and Salsa Workshops on January 01-03, 2017, plus a series of bootcamp performance party & after parties.
Honored guests are from Paris France –
Mouaze & Ella
特邀老师Mouaze & Ella从法国巴黎空降上海
31st ChaCha Open Class 公开课时间:
21:00 - 22:00pm
11:pm 特邀嘉宾中国首秀 Show Time
价格 Fees:  Open Class + Party 公开恰恰课程+跨年派对  100 RMB
仅参加派对 Party Only     60 RMB(含软饮畅饮, Including Free Flow Of Soft Drinks)
You are welcomed to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) 您可自带酒水

当晚特别嘉宾 Guest Dancers
Tyra Bokyung Kim & Wonjin Kim From Korea
TyrBokyung Kim & Wonjin Kim 是首尔 Mambo Club的创始人,也是韩国最早一批教学Salsa的老师。他们在纽约深造多年回国创办学校。 办学十多年来培养了无数门生。此次出行,他们将为大家带来精彩的中国首演, 十分值得期待。
Tyra & Wonjin have been dancing and teaching Salsa for 17 years, sharing their knowledge as guest dancersand instructors of  international salsa congresses in different countries. They have contributed to the development of Salsa culture in Korea as running Mambo, the newest (and one of the biggest) Salsa club in Seoul, also bring international salsa bachata dancers and organizing international Salsa & Bachata events.

笑笑 & 高祥 Alma Latina
笑笑 高翔 凭借出色的舞技和教学水平将Alma Latina引入上海,召集一大批集才华与美貌于一身的舞蹈达人,成立Alma Shanghai,指导的Bachata天团作品多次点燃各大舞蹈节。本次最新作品首次献演,精彩不容错过.
Souldancing 首席Salsa导师,DC Style Director
Jimmy Yoon From Washionton DC
资深Salsa DJ Xiao Bai
Souldancing 首席 Salsa教师  Grace Peng & Alex

Souldancing Studio
Room 418, Block A, No.1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (near Jiashan Rd)
复兴中路1199号明园商务中心A座418室 (近嘉善路)
Mouaze & Ella’s Introduction
Mouaze Konaté, is probably one of the most sought after male salsa dancers in Europe. Traveling almost non-stop from one salsa festival to the next, this gentleman surely has something unique,  dancers all around the world want to experience time after time.
Mouaze Konaté是当前欧洲最受欢迎的男舞者之一,除了平时在巴黎教室的教学,他几乎每个周末都被邀请到salsa congress教学和表演。
Representing Paris, France Mouaze is known for his fluid salsa New-York On2 style and chachacha dancing, his charismatic character, showmanship and wonderful sense of humor with pleasurable leading skills on the social dance floor. His creative choreographies which vary from dynamic movement with control and style, elegant and great musicality.
Mouaze 同时也是巴黎salsa congress的组织者,致力于salsa的普及。他的特长为on2 salsa和chachacha,风格独特,细腻流畅,教学风趣生动,学生总能在他这里学到平时social舞会上实用的各种技巧。他的表演编排风格则丰 富多变,是控制,风度,优雅和乐感的完美结合。
Before Salsa Mouaze practiced Karaté for several years. He won lots of competions and was teaching for five years.
Mouaze performs and teaches all around the world to share his passion for Salsa, UK, China, US,Spain, Holland, Italy, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Germany, Russie and many many further countries. Mouaze had been on stage with musicians such as Eddie Palmieri, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Andy Montanez.
Mouaze在全世界的教学涵盖到英国,美国,西班牙,荷兰,意大利,摩洛 哥,波多黎各,瑞士,德国,俄罗斯和其他许多的国家。也曾受邀与Eddie Palmieri, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Andy Montanez 等音乐家同台演出。
Ella Jauk, born and grew up in Croatia, was a professional dancer in many dance genres. When salsa became popular in the country she immediately fell in love and incorporated all her dance trainings, styles into her salsa dancing and moved to Paris to be Mouaze’s partner. Besides regular classes at Mouaze school, her lady styling choreographies always bring audience something different, fresh, elegant, yet full of fun.
Ella Jauk, 克罗地亚出身,从小接受各种舞蹈训练。在salsa普及到克罗地亚后她爱上了这个舞蹈并完美的把自己以前的舞蹈技术和风格融入到了salsa中。很快她在 欧洲崭露头角,并搬到了巴黎成为Mouaze的舞伴。除了在Mouaze salsa学校广受欢迎的各种课程,Ella在编舞方面也新颖独特,总能给观众带来新鲜,优雅但又观赏性十足的lady styling演出