Gunner James | Contemporary / Jazz

The talented choreographer, the heart touching story-teller, the precise technique trainer, welcome Gunner James from California, your dance technique teacher at Souldancing Studio!

Gunner James,began his training at 7 years old in various styles. Gunner grew up in the competition circuit where he later went on to win Tremaine Dance Convention’s Senior Dancer of the Year in 2011. He continued his training by joining the Tremaine Performance Company where he worked hand in hand with Master Teachers all over the country.

Gunner went on to work with and choreograph for Marah Collins from Lifetime’s show “Kim of Queens” as well as performing behind Australian artist LZ7 and booking “Rock Around the Clock” at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada, and he has made his Music Video debut in Dree Mon’s latest music video “Rebel Soul”.


Gunner moved to Los Angeles where he continued his training studying intensively with some of LA’s top teachers and choreographers. Gunner has been traveling with Tony Elliott as his Assistant Choreographer. Gunner most recently can be seen dancing in “Visualizing a Villain” featuring the famous painter David Garibaldi in the bonus features of Disney’s The Lion King on DVD.

He also spent time during the week teaching Jazz, Lyrical, and Technique classes at Fusion Studios in Torrance, CA. 

Welcome Gunner to

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