How to Choose the Right Dance Style for You

You are passionate about dancing but not sure ….

what dancing style is for you?


Dance is the art of body movement. Dance is the way to express.Choreography always have done on rhythm and lyrics. Like an artist, choreography arrange dance steps to create a beautiful dance performance. 




What appeals to you?

For most, the urge to take up dance arises after seeing dancing performance, passing a dance club, on the Broadway stage or on one of today’s popular TV dancing shows. Think about the style of dance that caught your attention and made you say, I want to be able to do that!  Maybe that it was slow and sensual, or that it was upbeat and energetic. Once you know what appeals to you, try out that style of dance and see how it resonates with your body and your soul!

What are your goals?

People get involved in dance classes for a number of different reasons, whether it be to burn calories, make new friends or ease their mental stresses. Either way, by correctly assessing your dancing goals, and realising what you want to get out of your dancing exercise, you’ll soon find out which style is right for your personal needs.

Music Fever

If you are into the most up-to-date music, or love to act or singing, Jazz, Broadway, Hip-Hop or Dancehall might be as your first dance class! They will throw you in some hot moves, get your body burning with music!

Social Improvement

If you are going to strengthen your social skills or you have a quiet personality. Dancing Latin, as Salsa, Bachata, Chachacha is a great way to meet new friends in parties all around world!
Body Shape

Bored with gym? Try Zumba, Pole or Funk with Fantastic music! A study found that an exercise program of aerobic dance training is just as helpful for losing weight and increasing aerobic power as cycling and jogging.
Soul Exploration 

If you are dreaming to be a professional dancer, advanced classes and dancer training  program will be your perfect choice. Widen your view with the great dancing instructors in the world!




Are you ready to pick up your passion?





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