July Workshop Series: Samantha & Kyla!

Samantha began dance training and competition by the age of 12 through the prestigious Stars Dance Studio of Miami, Florida under the direction of choreographers Victor Smalley and Angel Armas. During these years, she mastered the techniques of ballet, ballroom, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. custodia samsung

Additionally, Samantha is proficient in latin dance, gymnastics and tumbling. Her talents have been recognized by choreographer Danny Lugo who she worked with as an assistant developing dance routines for several successful T.V. shows such as La Voz Kids and Latin Billboard Awards. cover iphone 7 plus custodia outlet Her high-energy instructional delivery has attracted students to her classes which; has been an important factor in the success of her career.

Samantha12岁的时候就开始了舞蹈训练和比赛。她一开始就在迈阿密的顶级舞蹈学校Stars Dance Studio接受知名老师/编舞家Victor SmalleyAngel Armas的指导。 huawei custodia 经过多年的锤炼,她掌握了芭蕾、国标、爵士、现代舞、hip-hop等舞种的高超技艺。除此之外,Samantha还精通拉丁舞、体操和翻转技巧。

她的天分,使得她得以和知名编舞家Danny Lugo合作,为许多电视舞蹈秀(比如La Voz KidsLatin Billboard Awards)进行舞蹈动作设计。


Class Schedule/课程安排

July 15 / Saturday 16:15-17:45 Jazz/爵士

July 17 / Monday 20:05-21:35 Contemporary/现代舞

July 18 / Tuesday 20:40-22:10 Heels/高跟鞋舞


Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Kyla has trained for 13 years in various styles of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and ballroom. Kyla was a principal dancer for the Heart of America Youth Ballet and spent 10 years in elite competitive dance, earning multiple national titles.

In 2016, Kyla took opportunity to assist Bill Hotaling at the Manhattan Dance Project convention in Fiuggi, Italy. cover samsung custodia Upon graduating high school, Kyla moved to southern California to train under the direction of Shannon Mather at Mather Dance Company. Kyla is currently signed with McDonald Selznick Associates.

Kyla来自密苏里的堪萨斯市。Kyla是一位有着13年专业舞蹈训练经验的舞者。她在许多舞种上均有建树,比如芭蕾、踢踏舞、爵士、Lyrical、现代舞和国标舞。目前,KylaHeart of America Youth Ballet的核心舞者之一。十多年来,她参与了许多顶级的舞蹈大赛,并获得了众多国家级的奖项。 custodia samsung a8

2016年,Kyla在意大利成为了曼哈顿舞蹈项目的助教,协助著名老师Bill Hotaling训练学生。 custodia iphone 高中毕业后,Kyla搬到了南加州,在Mather舞蹈公司著名老师Shannon Mather门下继续深造。 custodia huawei p smart 目前,KylaMcDonald Selznick Associates的签约艺人。