Mother’s Day is close! A Free Class for all Members’ mothers!

Mother’s Day is coming!

母亲节将至,相信大家都在寻找一份特别的礼物送给我们最了不起的妈妈。天下所有的母亲都值得好好来庆祝这个特别的日子,可是时间匆匆,一眨眼母亲节已经近在眼前。送花,早午餐?这些落套的点子你是否都用过好多遍?看起来时髦的厨房用品也绝对不是她的愿望。No No, 要有创意,就要给你生命中最特别的人难以忘记的一天,一次特别的舞蹈体验!
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’re all looking for an awesome gift, for our awesome mom. All moms deserve a day to be celebrated, but somehow every year Mother’s Day creeps up on us quicker than anticipated. Everyone wants mom to feel special and sending flowers year after year can become a bit repetitive. No, Mom doesn’t want a mixer, a food processor or any other item that looks good in the kitchen.
Looking for something better for this Mother’s Day Weekend? Show a special woman in your life an unforgettable dance experience!
We invite all Mothers of our members (including Kids’ mothers) to join us for Souldancing Mother’s day special FREE dance classes on May 14th Sunday.
To book this free class for your mom, please just call us to reserve the spots in advance. You can book any class of May 14th.
Please Call 021-62564400 to book your space
-The End-