National Holiday Special | Contemporary Master Class

Contemporary Master Class 

In this master class, Nikola will use dance to explore the relationship between the human body and its architectural environment.

Beginning with a warm-up that guides the participants to make a muscular and skeletal connection to their unique physicality, emphasis is placed on the articulation of the spine, opening of the joints, and the direction and flow of energy throughout the body and into space.

Warm up is followed by phrases and variations of movement derived from Nikola. This master class combines many components of skills,like a certain portion of release techniques and floor works, which play critical roles in balancing releasing emotion energy and body controlling when dancing.

Students should be prepared for a rigorous, invigorating class and should come with athletic shoes, pants and knee pads. Professional dancers are welcome!


Nikola Tomash | SRB

Nikola Tomasevic is a professional dancer from Serbia. Even before he was a teen, he had been attending international dance competitions, and he won numerous awards.In addition, Nikola performed musical theaters, Chicago, The Marathon Family and Queen of the Gypsies in Serbia.

He has been performing contemporary ballet since 2010,was the main role in 10 of his ballet shows, out of 19.  And he did solo in 4 ballet shows. Nikola also has excellent ability to do choreography. His 2 choreography was performed in the two biggest theaters in Serbia.

Class Info

Time: Oct 4th,  14:05-15:35 

Tuition:For Non-member is RMB250. Repost to get RMB50 off. For members is RMB180.

Reservation:Limited spots! Please pay for the reservation in advance. We do not offer refound service.

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