Nikola Tomasevic | Salsa / Zumba / Jazz

Nikola Tomasevic

Nikola Tomasevic is a professional dancer from Serbia. Even before he was a teen, he had been attending international dance competitions, and he won numerous awards. Such as,

2000 Linz, Austria – IDSF – 1st place

2002 Maribor Open, Slovenia – IDSF – 1st place

2003 World Latin Dance Championship, Moscow, Russia – IDSF – top 30 ,

2006 The best professional Latin couple, Belgrade, Serbia

2007 European Salsa Championship, Sofia, Bulgaria – top 10

He won 40+ qualifying tournaments in Serbia.

In addition, Nikola performed musical theaters, Chicago, The Marathon Family and Queen of the Gypsies in Serbia.

He has been performing contemporary ballet since 2010. He was the main role in 10 of his ballet shows, out of 19. And he did solo in 4 ballet shows. His classic ballet career started in 2010. He performed in 11 classic ballet shows, and his biggest credit from this is being the 1st solo in Swan Lake. During his ballet career, he won 4 national awards in Serbia.

Nikola also has excellent ability to do choreography. His 2 choreography was performed in the two biggest theaters in Serbia.

Nikola Tomasevic, one of the best dancer in Serbia, to be our regular class teacher for New York Salsa, Jazz and Zumba. Looking forward your join in.