Pole Dance Workshop| 钢管舞双人技巧工作坊

About Kayleen/关于Kayleen

Kayleen is a Fitness Instructor, Pole Champion and Performer, Fitness Model, and Company Manager of Polecats Manila, the premiere aerial arts school in the Philippines. Performing since 2009, she has competed and won in several solo and duo international tournaments and has collaborated and performed with some of the biggest names in the Philippine dance circuit.Currently, she teaches advanced pole, and aerial silks at Polecats Manila.

Kayleen是一位健身教练、获得过钢管舞冠军,还是一位舞蹈演员、健身模特。她甚至还是菲律宾马尼拉当地一家顶级钢管舞学校的经营者。从2009年起她就开始表演。至今,她已经获得了多项钢管舞单人双人大赛的奖项。在菲律宾钢管舞界,她享有盛誉。 iphone cover original



• Best Entertainer, World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championship (Beijing, China) 2015/世界钢管舞冠军赛(在北京举办)最具观赏性大奖

• National Award for Dance,- Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)/菲律宾文化艺术全国大奖

• Bronze Medalist, World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championship (Beijing, China) 2015/世界钢管舞冠军赛(在北京举办)铜牌

• Gold Medalist, Doubles Champion, SG Pole Challenge (Singapore) 2014/新加坡钢管舞挑战赛双人钢管舞金牌

• Silver Medalist, Pole Stars Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 2014/吉隆坡钢管舞明星赛银牌

Workshop Content/工作坊内容

Alone we can each accomplish so much. Together, we can build to be come even stronger. Explore the possibilities of exercising in pairs both on and off the pole.

DUALITY :: In this class, students are expected to learn duo workout techniques, starting from the floor with acro floorwork, and eventually transitioning to doubles tricks on the pole.

一个人在钢管上已经可以足够惊艳。两个人,我们可以做的更多。本工作坊旨在探索双人钢管舞带给我们的各种可能性。本次工作坊上,我们将学习双人钢管的技巧。 cover custodia iphone

This class is an exploration of trust and collaboration, as pairs will be challenged to try new moves based on their individual strengths put together.


Take your pole practice to the next level through this workshop. cover custodia iphone Both the experienced, and beginner pole athletes are welcome to join. custodia samsung Learn partner tricks, spins, and combinations that flow together to form a fluid routine. iphone 7 custodia outlet