Souldancing Studio has extended the Christmas as the gifts keep coming — the ULTIMATE deal of 14 month VIP and special class coupons, which are available from January 7th to January 10th, 2015. Make sure you don’t miss this by calling 021-51759866 to order that. Please find the details as below. Hope you enjoy!

8,800 RMB for One Year plus Two Month VIP Membership in Souldancing Studio.

* 14 months validity can be activated from any time in the future.

* You may enjoy any class on schedule in both branches.

Special class coupons are available at118 RMB per coupon if you buy 20 coupons together or more; for example, 20 coupons cost 2360 RMB.

* Buy 50 coupons, getting 5 for free, which means 55 coupons cost 5900 RMB.

* The coupons valid till 30th June, 2015.

* You may enjoy any class on schedule in either branch with each coupon.

* You may share the coupons with friends.

To order or know more, please call 021-51759866.