Salsa Performance Class by Cem| 9.9-9.23

About Cem/关于Cem

Cem has been building his career in salsa dancing since 2007. Learning from some of the best dancers in the world he has successfully competed in national competitions and travelled the globe to perform at numerous well-known events.
Cem has taught Salsa in Istanbul, London and Shanghai for several years. He was also invited to teach and perform in many events in China. 



About Performance Class/关于表演班

Salsa is easy to start, but difficult to master. For many students who attended Level 1/Level 2 for quite some time, they will find themselves comfortable excuting the turn patterns learned in the class. To take your skills to the next level we offer you this opportunity to challenge yourself and work on your connection, precison and musicality.

During the intense training for this brand new group couples routine, Cem will have the opportunity to go into detail as never before and focus on each couple’s progress.

The performance routine will be presented in Souldancing’s very own Soulsa Party where everybody will have their chance to shine!

Salsa舞易学难精。对于参加Level 1/2有一段时间的学生而言,完成既定的套路虽然是可以的,但是在实战social dance中运用,做到精确、联结并跳在音乐里,仍然是有挑战的。



Class Schedule

Sep 9th/ Saturday

Sep 10th/ Sunday

Sep 16th/ Saturday

Sep 17th/ Sunday

Sep 23rd/ Saturday


Class will be sold in package ONLY

10 hours package
Normal Price/常规价格: RMB1300
Presale with repost/微信转发预售价格: RMB1200

Early bird before September 1st/九月一日前早鸟票: RMB 1100
VIP Member: 980RMB

Registration in couple/男女成对报名: RMB 2100

Please reserve your spot at least five days before the class.

Contact: (021) 6271-2275

请至少提前一天预定/联系方式:(021) 6271-2275