Souldancing Workshop Series: Jerome,Ben,Madison in April

One month, Three excellent dancers!

Souldancing workshop series is dedicated to bring high profile instructors with international exposure. In April, this series continues. Three instructors, Jerome Alexander, Ben Bigler and Madison Cubbage will set foot on the Souldancing dance floor and present workshops from multiple disciplines.

Souldancing 工作坊系列创建以来,一直以联结海外高质量名师为己任。 cover shop online 4月份,我们的工作坊系列将继续进行。三位知名美国老师, Jerome Alexander, Ben Bigler, Madison Cubbage将登陆Souldancing,为我们带来高质量的集训。 cover custodia huawei

These instructors are truly the top tier in the industry. samsung custodia original Just a quick glance from their resumes: Ben achieved 2nd place on NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 6; Madison toured with The Pulse On Tour as an Elite Protege. samsung custodia outlet On tour, she assisted and worked closely with choreographers, Brian Friedman, Dave Scott, Brooke Lipton, and Cris Judd. On her page, she has 140k followers. Jerome is a world-famous instructor. He has taught in San Francisco, Poland, Prague, New York City, at the Broadway Dance Center in Tokyo, Italy, and Paris. cover samsung custodia These instructors will simply wow you in the studio!

这些老师都处于行业的顶尖水平。看看他们的简历就能略知一二:Ben赢得过美国达人秀第六季的第二名;Madison的网页上有高达17万的粉丝;Jerome巡回三藩市、波兰、布拉格、纽 约、日本、意大利和巴黎,学生众多。 cover iphone custodia 他们是那种在studio里能让你尖叫的老师!

Jazz, contemporary, jazz funk and high heels are their specialized areas and they are looking forward to some challenging and yet fun sessions with us!

爵士、现代舞、Jazz Fun、高跟鞋舞是他们的专长领域。他们准备的集训内容,挑战性与趣味性并存,你准备好了吗?

课程安排 Class Schedule

Tuesday April 11 周二4/11 19:00-20:30 Jazz Funk by Jerome 爵士 20:40-22:10 Contemporary by Jerome 现代

Thursday April 13 周四

4/13 19:00-20:30 Jazz Funk by Madison 爵士街舞 20:40-22:10 Jazz by Ben 爵士

Friday April 14 周五4/14 19:00-20:30 Contemporary by Ben 现代 20:40-22:10 Jazz by Ben 爵士

Saturday April 15 周六4/15 15:10-16:40 Heels by Madison 高跟舞 16:50-18:20 Jazz Funk by Madison 爵士

Tuesday April 18 周二 4/18 19:00-20:30 Heels by Madison 高跟舞 20:40-22:10 Contemporary by Ben 现代


Each Class is 90mins/ 每节课为90分钟

One Class Drop in/ 单次课

-At door/现场购买: RMB250

-Presale with repost/提前购买并转发此文: RMB200

Workshop pass / 10 Classes- 工作坊通票/10次课

-At door/现场购买: RMB2000

-Presale with repost/提前购买并转发此文: RMB1600

Souldancing Member/ 会员价

-180RMB Per Class.