Soulsa Friday| July 21st 8:30PM open class & 10:30PM Performance


Farewell lovely Mathilde/ 法国甜心老师Mathilde欢送舞会

Our lovely salsa instructor Mathilde will be heading home for a while. custodia de telephone samsung galaxy We would like to host this farewell party for her! Please dance with her as much as possible and leave her a great night of memory!

我们可爱的法国甜心老师Mathilde即将暂别Souldancing。当晚她将是绝对的主角。 custodia samsung s7 edge 大家多多请她跳舞,给她留下一个难忘的夜晚!

Open Class/ Mathilde 回国前最后一次免费公开课!

Mathilde will teach a free open class before the party! Recently she has been teaching in Hangzhou/Dalian/Suzhou for lady styling workshops! Let’s enjoy this workshop here in Souldancing!

Mathilde将在当晚party开始前教授一节免费公开课。 cover samsung custodia 近期Mathilde老师的课程受到了很多城市舞者的欢迎。 cover iphone outlet 包括杭州、苏州、大连等等。 cover iphone 让我们一起体验一下她的授课风格吧!

Performance by the one and only HSC/ 由独一无二的HSC俱乐部带来的精彩表演

Led by Lily & Gene, HSC club enjoy a high reputation in Shanghai. iphone cover outlet In Mathilde’s farewell party, they are going to bring a new piece of work and perform in front of us!