[10.16]Open Class Series – Pole Dance by Ella

Pole Dance Open Class for Absolutely Beginners


Time: 15:10-16:10, Sunday, 16 October

时间: 10月16日周日下午3:10-4:10

Instructor 导师: Ella

Add: Souldancing Studio

Room 418, Block A, No. 1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jianshan Rd)

地址:Souldancing Studio


Tips 课前准备小贴士

  • Dress code 着装:Sports Bra/ Half Top + Shorts 半截运动上衣 + 短裤
  • Get towel at Front Desk 请在前台领取上课用的毛巾
  • Better NOT have any moisturiser or lotion on as this will make you slip on the pole. 请尽量不要涂抹润肤露,以免在管上打滑

If you missed September’s Open Class, you can’t miss this one. Here is our instructor Ella’s Pole Dance Class solo video. 如果您错过了9月份的公开课,这次请一定把握机会。请先来欣赏一段Ella老师的课堂独舞视频。

Interview 学员专访

Let’s take a look of Souldancing senior students’ sharing. 让我们来听听Souldancing高阶学员们的分享和感悟!


Q1: When did you start learning Pole Dance? 您从何年开始学钢管舞?

A1: Since 2013. 从2013年开始。

Q2: What benefits Pole Dance have brought you? 您通过学习钢管舞,有怎样的收获?

A2: Pole Dance has not only changed my life, shaped my body, boosted my confidence, it also gives me a new definition/ understanding of women’s beauty.  Through Pole Dance, I’ve made many inspiring friends sharing same passions. 钢管舞不仅改变了我的人生、改善了体型、增加了自信,它更让我对女性的美,有了新的理解和定义,同时也让我有机会在这里结识许多志同道合的朋友,分享对舞蹈的热爱。

Q3: Would you like to share more? 您能再多分享一些感受吗?

A3: Pole Dance, which combines dance & acrobatics, requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. If you love to embrace changes, take challenges, you’d enjoy the achievements you will steadily gain from Pole Dance. It gives you free space to combine your own style into it, modern, contemporary or sexy, it’s your call. 钢管舞融合舞蹈与技巧于一体。既需要充分的柔软度、也需要力量,更是考验忍耐力。如果你喜欢挑战自己、拥抱改变,你会很享受从循序渐进的学习中,获得一步一个脚印的成就。钢管舞能给你高度自由的空间,你可以将自己的风格融入其中,亦或现代、亦或性感。

Q4: Any advice to Beginners? 对于初学者,您有何建议吗?

A4: Everyone is able to learn Pole Dance, there’s no boundaries in sex, age, weight. In Pole Dance class, it’s a relative private space. You will feel comfortable to enjoy the music, learn the movement and explore the beauty, the infinite potential of the body. For Beginners, it’d be better to start from AB (Absolutely Beginner) Pole & Pole Level 1 class and please have your protective gears with you. 每个人都可以学钢管舞,它没有性别、年龄、体重的界限。钢管课的环境通常比较私密,学生们可以在很安全的环境下,边听音乐边学动作,慢慢发现自己的美,并发掘身体无限潜能。对于初学者,我建议可以从零基础钢管舞课及钢管舞初级课程学起,请记得带好您的防护装置。

Q5: How about the instructors? 您觉得导师们如何?

A5: I appreciate all the instructors I met at Souldancing. They never hold themselves and are willing to share everything they have to help the students grow/ improve together. They are pleased to see students’ progression. 我很感激在Souldancing遇到的每一位导师,她们从来都是毫无保留地倾尽所有,在课堂上与学生们分享,很乐意帮助学生们共同进步,并看到学生们的成长。


Q1: When did you start learning Pole Dance? 您从何年开始学钢管舞?

A1: Since 2013. 从2013年开始。

Q2: What would you like to share? 您有哪些感受想与我们分享的?

A2: Pole Dance is the dance brings you utmost self-achievement, it requires courage & perseverance. You should be willing to take challenges but safety is the first priority. You should learn how to protect yourself. Strength & beauty is a long-term hardworking. 钢管舞是最能带来成就感的舞蹈,需要勇气和毅力。要挑战自己,但安全为上,要懂得保护自己,力量和美感不是短期能速成的

Q3: What made you keep up taking the challenges? 您能否和我们分享一下您是如何一路坚持下来的?

A3: When I just started to learn Pole Dance, my arms were so weak which made me almost gave up. One day when I successfully complete a movement which seemed to be impossible to me, I told myself I love Pole Dance and I would keep taking the next challenge. Then one after another, I obsessed to conquering mission impossible. 刚开始练钢管舞,我的手臂力量很弱,差点想放弃。当我完成第一个自己都不敢相信的动作时,我告诉自己,我喜欢,必须挑战下一个。于是,我如痴如醉,彻底迷上征服一个又一个不可能完成的任务

However everyone must have his/ her own definition on whichever the dance he/ she is in love with. The MAGIC of Pole Dance is awaing yourself to discover.

How to Register 报名方式

Original Price: 350 RMB, free registration for first time trialer if Repost


Reservation: Please call 021-62564400 to book your space


Open class is valid for all Souldancing membership, Repost on WeChat and book in APP please, limited seats only!


Ella Biography

– Ella is a dancer from China, graduated from Dance Faculty, Guangdong Arts Academy, who has profound foundations/ techniques of many types of dances, her specialty is Pole Dance.

– Ella has 9 years of teaching experiences and after 3 months advanced training abroad, she gained Advanced Pole Instructor Certifications respectively issued by World Pole Dance Federation & CBBA (China Body-Building Association).

– Since 1999, Ella has won many Champion Awards at national & international pole dance competitions and was not only invited as Guest Dancer for varies pole dance performance, also as Judge for 2013 Shanghai Pole Dance Competition.

– Ella currently teaches at Souldancing Studio as Chief Pole Instructor.


毕业于广东省艺术学院舞蹈系,9年授课经验。出国进修3月后,回国参加钢管舞比赛获得世界钢管舞协会高级钢管舞教练证书和北京健美协会首批高级钢管舞教练证书。现任Souldancing Studio钢管舞主教练!