11.20 Open Class – Pole Dance by Ella | 3.10pm


Pole Dance Open Class for Absolutely Beginners

Time: 15:10-16:10, Sunday, 20 November

Instructor: Ella

Add: Souldancing Studio

Room 418, Block A, No. 1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jianshan Rd)

地址:Souldancing Studio

Tips 课前准备小贴士

  • Dress code 着装:Sports Bra/ Half Top + Shorts 半截运动上衣 + 短裤
  • Get towel at Front Desk 请在前台领取上课用的毛巾
  • Better NOT have any moisturiser or lotion on as this will make you slip on the pole. 请尽量不要涂抹润肤露,以免在管上打滑

Pole dancing has been evolved and grown in popularity over time, with more people taking part to lose weight or build muscle around the world. In the past people had a lot misunderstanding. Please follow our Instructor Ella to discover the truth.

Thru the class, you will enjoy every single achievement, gain friendship, and more, you’d be impressed/ moved by instuctor & students’ passion & perseverance.

In case you missed last month’s students interview, here is the link of the details, you’d be impressed. 

[10.16]Open Class Series – Pole Dance by Ella

Ella Biography

– Ella is a dancer from China, graduated from Dance Faculty, Guangdong Arts Academy, who has profound foundations/ techniques of many types of dances, her specialty is Pole Dance.

– Ella has 9 years of teaching experiences and after 3 months advanced training abroad, she gained Advanced Pole Instructor Certifications respectively issued by World Pole Dance Federation & CBBA (China Body-Building Association).

– Since 1999, Ella has won many Champion Awards at national & international pole dance competitions and was not only invited as Guest Dancer for varies pole dance performance, also as Judge for 2013 Shanghai Pole Dance Competition.

– Ella currently teaches at Souldancing Studio as Chief Pole Instructor.


How to Register 

Original Price: 350 RMB, free registration for first time trialer if Repost

Reservation: Please call 021-62564400 to book your space

Open class is valid for all Souldancing membership, Repost on WeChat and book in APP please, limited seats only!