[11.6]Open Class – Contemporary by Juli | 3.10pm

11.6 | Open Class – Contemporary
Date/Time: 3.10-4.10pm, 6 November Sunday 11月6日星期日下午3:10-4:10Instructor: Juli

Address: Souldancing Studio, Room 418, Block A, No. 1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jianshan Rd)

Original Price: 350 RMB, free registration if Repost for first time trial

Reservation: Please call 021-62564400 to book your seat

Open class is valid for all Souldancing membership, Repost on WeChat and book in APP please, limited seats only!

Juli’s Broadway Jazz Open class has received great feedback. This week, we are pleased to invite Juli to run Contemporary Open Class. In this new era,the boundaries in between dance genres are becoming more and more vague. Even in Ballroom dance performance, you will see some choreographers combining Contemporary elements into the dance, no mention the current most popular genre Urban Dance. And, solid foundation is the key success to every dance genre. Whether you are Contemporary lovers or other dance genre lovers, please join Juli to enjoy the pure pleasure the Contemporary expression brings you.



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When I was 4 years old, my parents had understood the dancing would become the most important part of my life in future and decided it was time for me to start studying dancing. My first dance school was the school of ballroom dances, where I studied 2 years.

Later I understood I need something absolutely different. When I was 6 years old I started to study in the State school of classic choreography art of Ukraine in Odessa, where I had spent 8 hard but so amazing years. I finished the full dance program there in 2004.

After that I had a choice – to learn ballet or modern dance styles. Of cause I love ballet, this art is so amazing and gorgeous, however I decided to choose modern dance styles since the modern dance world is always so attractive and various and exciting. I started to learn hip-hop, jazz, contemporary. I visited different competitions of modern dancing during 3 years.

At the age of 19 I started to teach classic choreography for small children. At the age of 21 I started to teach contemporary dance. A little bit later I opened a Dance Studio of Contemporary Dance and taught there till the end of 2014. Then I got the offer to work in show ballet team of modern dances in China and I left Ukraine for China. From that moment I started my dance career in China.

Now I am an active dancer and also teach jazz, Broadway jazz, contemporary, jazz-funk , hip-hop and also ballet for all people who are ready to make dancing the part of their life. And the main thing that I want to tell to all people who love and appreciate dance art is that if your soul can dance, your body would be able to dance too.