12.18 Open Class – Absolutely Beginner Pole by Ella| 3.10pm


Pole Dance Open Class for Absolutely Beginners

Time: 15:10-16:10, Sunday, December 18

Instructor: Ella

Add: Souldancing Studio

Room 418, Block A, No. 1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jianshan Rd)


  • Dress code:Sports Bra/ Half Top + Shorts 
  • Get towel at Front Desk
  • Better NOT have any moisturiser or lotion on as this will make you slip on the pole.

With strong support from Instructor Ella, monthly absolutely beginner pole dance class has been launched successfully, we’ve received great feedback from the students. For this Sunday’s AB pole open class, please pick up the phone and book as early as you can!

Here is Instructor Ella’s outstanding solo performance at Pearl Pole Dance Competition 1st Edition.

Two weeks ago, Pole Instructor Cyrene was appointed as one of the judge for Pearl Pole Competition 2nd Edition (Instructor Ella was the judge for 1st edition), co-worked with Instructor Angelina and led Souldancing students to be the guest performers at the competition.

There is a touching story behind the scene, it’s said the bling bling paillettes on the costume were hand-made by students themselves.

Applauds to Instructor Cyrene & Angelina, Students Performers Ganna, Cindy, Rachel who have done great job and let’s enjoy the video of their show below.

In each pole dance class, you will be impressed/ touched by the friendship/ caring in between the students and teachers. Apart from teachers’ demo/  individual learning progress checking & correction, students always practice in groups to help/ support/ protect each other.

Come and join Souldancing to learn Pole Dancing, hope sooner or later you will join them to perform/ compete at the pole competition. Souldancing is looking forward to grow with you together!


Ella Biography

– Ella is a dancer from China, graduated from Dance Faculty, Guangdong Arts Academy, who has profound foundations/ techniques of many types of dances, her specialty is Pole Dance.

– Ella has 9 years of teaching experiences and after 3 months advanced training abroad, she gained Advanced Pole Instructor Certifications respectively issued by World Pole Dance Federation & CBBA (China Body-Building Association).

– Since 1999, Ella has won many Champion Awards at national & international pole dance competitions and was not only invited as Guest Dancer for varies pole dance performance, also as Judge for 2013 Shanghai Pole Dance Competition.

– Ella currently teaches at Souldancing Studio as Chief Pole Instructor.


How to Register

Original Price: 300 RMB, free registration for first time trialer if Repost

Reservation: Please call 021-62564400 to book your space

Open class is valid for all Souldancing membership, Repost on WeChat and book in APP please, limited seats only!