[9.24]Open Class – Victoria Secret Slimming by Liam

Dreaming of having body shape like VS models? Do you know Souldancing has a tailor-made class for women called “Victoria Secret Slimming”?


您知道Souldancing有一节专为女性量身定制的魔鬼身材训练课程,就叫Victoria Secret Slimming吗?





(Victoria’s Secret owns the photo copyrights)


Open Class Series – Victoria Secret Slimming by Liam


Date/ time: 1.00-3.05pm, Saturday, September 24,9月24日周六下午1点-3点零五

Instructor:  Liam

Address:  Souldancing Studio, Room 418, Block A, No.1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jiashan Rd) 复兴中路1199号A座418室 (近嘉善路)/ (021) 6256-4400


Liam Biography


  • Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor Zumba国际机构培训认证教练
  • Specialties擅长: Zumba, Hiphop, JazzFunk
  • Oreo Crew Dancer & Leader 上海职业商业演出Oreo Crew团队Dancer及队长
  • Years of physical fitness coaching experiences at physical fitness studios/ centers 多年体适能训练经验,曾执教多所高尖端健身会所



Let’s take a look of Souldancing Instructor Liam’s sharing. 为了这次的维秘瘦身纤体公开课,小编特地对Liam老师进行了一次专访,让我们来听听老师的分享吧!

Q1: What do we train in the class? 课程主要由哪些训练构成?

A1: The 2-hour class is composed of 2 parts: 1st hour is Zumba training, 2nd hour is body shaping & slimming training. 2小时的课程由2部分组成,第1小时ZUMBA训练第2小时塑身纤体训练



Q2: How do we train in the class? 老师是如何备课,在课堂上,又以怎样的形式展开训练?

A2: When the instructor preparing the class, he will not only take music/ steps/ rhythms/ heart rate/ physical fitness into consideration, the most important part is to ensure the students make steady progress in a safer way to prevent being injured, especially for the absolute beginners. The instructor will check/ correct each students status/ moves and adjust the class accordingly. Of course, having fun is the first priority! 当老师备课时,他不但会将音乐、舞步、节奏、运动心率、体适能等要素考虑进去,更会对每个学员进行体能观察和考量,对姿势进行纠正,根据学员的状况来相应调整课程节奏,关键是要让学员能够稳步、安全地进步,避免受伤,尤其对于初学者。当然,上课开心是最重要的!



Q3: What do we get from the class? 学生能从中获益什么?

A3: Through systematic/ consistent training, students get weight lost, body shaped, coordination improved, being confident to challenge herself in other advanced/ professional dance classes. 通过系统、持续的训练,学生们不但能瘦身、塑形、改善身体协调性,更有很大一部分学生提升了自信,愿意挑战自己去接受更专业更高阶的舞蹈训练课程。


Original price: RMB600, if Repost, free registration for first time trial. Open class is valid for all Souldancing membership, share on WeChat moment and book in APP, limited seats only!


Reservation is required 需提前预约: (021) 6256-4400