[9.25]Master Class Series – Contemporary by Adam

Shanghai International Dance Project along with Souldancing Studio present Master Class Series. Through the on-going series which bringing the industrial leading/ hottest up-and-coming dancers & choreographers for the featuring classes, we’d like to build an integrated platform to share the knowledge, talents, styles, and to take our workshops to the next level.Souldancing国际舞蹈艺术中心联合上海国际舞蹈项目推出大师课系列。课程将由业界优秀的舞者和编导们客座执教,他们来自不同的国家,擅长不同的舞蹈风格。这将是一个极好的专业知识,人才信息,艺术风格等交流的平台,也将把我们的舞蹈工作坊推向一个更高的水平。

Master Class Series – Contemporary by Adam

现代舞大师课 – Adam


Date/ time:  11.00am-12.30pm, Sunday, September 25Instructor: Adam ZhangAddress:  Souldancing Studio, Room 418, Block A, No.1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jiashan Rd) 复兴中路1199号A座418室 (近嘉善路)*Class is 90 minutes 课时为90分钟*Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced 难度: 中级-高阶(本课程不适用于初学者)Kindly Reminder: Please bring protective gears with you, i.e. knee pads, elbow pads, just in case. 小贴士: 请带好护膝、护肘等保护装置,以防万一


Adam Biography 个人简介

  • Artistic Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer/ Judge/ Artist Development/ Singer 艺术指导/ 舞蹈编导/ 舞者/ 裁判/ 艺术开发/ 歌手
  • Style: Contemporary/ Jazz/ Modern/ Lyrical/ Musical Comedy/ Ballet/ Hiphop/ Latin Dance/ Chinese Classic Dance/ Chinese Traditional Dance/ Bollywood Dance 舞蹈风格:现代舞/ 爵士/ 现代/ 抒情/ 音乐剧/ 芭蕾/ 嘻哈/ 拉丁/ 中国古典/ 中国民间/ 宝莱坞
  • Education: 15 years professional training; 2000-2006Guangxi Art Institute High School; 2007-2010 Shanghai Film Art Academy; 2010 graduatedfrom Beijing Dance Academy 教育背景:15年专业培训;2000-2006年就读于广西艺术学院;2007-2010年,就读于上海电影艺术学院;2010年,毕业于北京舞蹈学院
Awards 获奖经历

  • 2005 CCTV National Dance Contest – Silver Award 第三届CCTV电视舞蹈大赛 – 银奖
  • 2005 “Hehua Zang” National Dance Contest, Classical Chinese Dance – Gold Prize 中国国家”荷花奖“评奖 舞蹈大赛 – 古典舞组 金奖
  • 2008 National Dance Contest Solo Dance – The Other Side of the Mountain Participant 全国舞蹈大赛优秀表演
  • 2009 East China University Student Dance Contest – the First Place & the Third Place 华东大学生舞蹈大赛 – 一等奖 & 三等奖
  • 2010 Shanghai World EXPO Singapore Pavillion – the Best Dancer 2010上海世博会新加坡馆 – 最佳舞蹈演员
  • 2014 Groove Original Choreography & Dance Contest – the most Popular Dancer Groove原创编舞舞蹈大赛 – 最受欢迎舞蹈演员
  • 2015 Groove Original Choreography Contest – the First Place, Jury Award Groove原创编舞舞蹈大赛冠军&评委奖



How to Register

  • Original Price: RMB350/ pax 原价350/每人 REPOST, RMB150/ pax 若微信分享,即可以150元的优惠价格购买此课程
  • Master Class Series is valid for Souldancing membershipREPOST & make your reservation now! Souldancing 会员凭有效会籍+微信分享,即可提前预约!Limited Free Spots for Professional Dancers 职业舞者有少数免费申请名额 

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