Hiphop Master Class by Constantino (Sept.11)

SIDP(Shanghai International Dance Project) along with Souldancing Studio present weekly Master Class Series. Through the on-going series which bringing the industrial leading/ hottest up-and-coming dancers & choreographers for the featuring classes, we’d like to build an integrated platform to share the knowledge, talents, styles, and to take our workshops to the next level.


Date/ time:  11.00am-12.30pm, Sunday, September 11Instructor: Manuel Constantino

Address:  Souldancing Studio, Room 418, Block A, No.1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jiashan Rd) 复兴中路1199号A座418室 (近嘉善路)/ (021) 6256-4400

*Class is 90 minutes 课时为90分钟

*Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced 难度: 中级-高阶 (本课程不适用于初学者)

This week we have invited one of the hottest/ popular hiphop dancer/ choreographer Manuel Constantino from Mexico for the master class, we believe his passion/ unique style/ insight of music will truly inspire you. Let’s wrap up and rock the class!

本周我们有幸邀请到了业内最炙手可热的街舞舞者/编舞之一Manuel Constantino作客执教,相信他的帅气,特有的风格,对音乐的独到见解,一定能够感染到你。还犹豫什么?带上你的热情来嗨翻全场吧!

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  • Original Price: RMB350/ pax 原价350/每人 Share in WeChat Moments, RMB150/ pax 若微信转发分享此文,即可以150元的优惠价格购买此课程
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  • Limited Free Spots for Professional Dancers 职业舞者有少数免费申请名额

Reservation is required 需提前预约: (021) 6271-2275

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