Tony S Luna – Souldancing Salsa Teacher & Welcome Party

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We are honored to announce we will have our new Salsa teacher Tony S Luna who is from New York start teaching regular Salsa classes at Souldancing on Thursday evening (September 08).

我们很荣幸地请到新的来自纽约的Salsa老师Tony S Luna,于本周四晚来Souldancing进行他的Salsa常规课执教。

During Thursday 2-hour’s class (Salsa L1 & Salsa L2), Tony will present not only introduction class but a special Full Class Workshop bonding Musicality/ Body Movement/ Isolation. This is one-time workshop, all Souldancing valid membership are welcome to join!


On Friday evening we will hold a Welcome Party for Tony and we are pleased to invite Tony and his partner Cecilia deliver a “Partnerwork Routine” class demo before the party.


As Salsa fans/ dancers, you shall not miss all these exciting classes & party! Sign up immediately!


Class & Welcome Party Schedule7.00-9.00pm, Sep.08 (this Thu)Introduction & special Salsa Full Workshop (Musicality/ Body Movement/ Isolation) –  Tony

One-time workshop, Souldancing membership is welcomed to join!

8.00-9.00pm, Sep.09 (this Fri)

Partnerwork Demo Class – Tony & Cecilia

9.00pm till late, Sep.09 (this Fri)

Tony’s Welcome Salsa Party(DJ Xiao Bai)

Friday’s Demo Class & Welcome Party Entrance fee: RMB30 including free drinks flow 入场费每位30,酒水畅饮Address: Souldancing Studio, Room 418, Block A, No.1199, Middle Fu Xing Lu (Jiashan Rd) 复兴中路1199号A座418室 (近嘉善路)/ (021) 6256-4400

Tony S Luna Biography

Born & Raised in New York City of Latin American & Caribbean Parents. 出生成长于纽约,身体内流淌着拉美加勒比海血液。

Lived 6 years of his early Teens in Dominican Republic where his Love for “Latin Music & Dance” started. 早年在多米尼加共和国居住了6年,根植了他对于拉丁音乐及舞蹈的热爱。

Started dancing Salsa On1 around Mid 1990’s then after 1 year, he switched to “NY On2” style. 90年代中期开始学习Salsa On1,1年后转学纽约On2风格。

He is a Promoter, Dancer, Teacher,  DJ and sometimes a “Salsa Singer” with 18+ years of Experience. 是一位有着18年业界经验的发起人/倡导者、舞者、教师、DJ。

7.5 years of those has been Teaching in Shanghai and has done workshops in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou. 在上海执教7年半,亦在北京、南京、广州等城市组织舞蹈工作坊。

He has also done a “Salsa Tour” in Japan, Teaching, DJ’ing and Dancing in 2013. 于2013年受邀赴日本进行舞蹈巡演、执教及DJ。