• Juli在4岁时,表现出对于舞蹈的热爱,她的父母意识到这一点,便把她送入了专门的舞蹈学校,通过两年的国标舞学习开启了她的舞蹈生涯的最初阶段;
  • 6岁时,Juli进入Odessa乌克兰国立古典舞艺术学校,于2004年修习并完成所有舞蹈课程,在其中度过了8年艰难却也难忘的时光;
  • 2004年从Odessa乌克兰国立古典舞艺术学校毕业后,Juli决定在自己所钟爱的舞蹈领域继续深造,并在古典芭蕾和现代舞之间选择了后者,三年的时间里参与了各种现代舞种的竞赛并获得了一系列荣誉;
  • 19岁始,从事针对小孩子的古典舞教学;21岁起,开始教授现代舞,并在乌克兰开了一所现代舞学校,直至2014年底。并在随后得到一份在中国芭蕾团表演现代舞的工作,便离开了乌克兰,来到中国,开始了她在中国的舞蹈事业。
  • 如今,Juli在Souldancing studio执教爵士、百老汇爵士、现代舞、爵士街舞、街舞和芭蕾,舞蹈已成为她生命中不可或缺的部分。

Following dictated by Juli:

  • When I was 4 years old, my parents had understood the dancing would become the most important part of my life in future and decided it was time for me to start studying dancing. My first dance school was the school of ballroom dances, where I studied 2 years.
  • Later I understood I need something absolutely different. When I was 6 years old I started to study in the State school of classic choreography art of Ukraine in Odessa, where I had spent 8 hard but so amazing years. I finished the full dance program there in 2004.
  • After that I had a choice – to learn ballet or modern dance styles. Of cause I love ballet, this art is so amazing and gorgeous, however I decided to choose modern dance styles since the modern dance world is always so attractive and various and exciting. I started to learn hip-hop, jazz, contemporary. I visited different competitions of modern dancing during 3 years.
  • At the age of 19 I started to teach classic choreography for small children. At the age of 21 I started to teach contemporary dance. A little bit later I opened a Dance Studio of Contemporary Dance and taught there till the end of 2014. Then I got the offer to work in show ballet team of modern dances in China and I left Ukraine for China. From that moment I started my dance career in China.
  • Now I am an active dancer and also teach jazz, Broadway jazz, contemporary, jazz-funk , hip-hop and also ballet for all people who are ready to make dancing the part of their life. And the main thing that I want to tell to all people who love and appreciate dance art is that if your soul can dance, your body would be able to dance too.