Ballet Bootcamp – Summer Challenge

The summer is upon us!

Let’s turn up the heat with a Ballet Bootcamp Workout Challenge. The Ballet Bootcamp will help you kick off summer workout and achieve amazing results!

With a serious focus on the core, this ballet-fusion workout is ready to work your entire body. 

Six reasons to try it out

This workout is the ballerina’s secret to a strong core. Based on Core Adage, an exercise series performed by dancers to improve balance, core strength and tone the abs.

You’ll target multiple muscle groups. From thigh burning plies to gentle arm movements and curtsy lunges to target the glutes, no area goes untouched.

The combination of low-impact cardio and isometric movements is hard on muscles and soft on joints.

It’s suitable for every ability. You don’t have to be a professional ballerina to try this workout. With different levels of exercise and clear instructions courtesy of Stephanie, you’ll be dancing away with no trouble.

The mixture of focused stretching and small movements is designed to increase flexibility.

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You don’t have to be able to arabesque in pointe shoes to get the graceful, sculpted body of a dancer. What you do need: Ballet Boot Camp Challenge.



Session 1 |  6.17-6.20 / 6.24-6.27

Session 2 |  7.1-7.4 / 7.8-7.11

Monday & Wednesday 13:00-15:00

Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-12:00


RMB1999 / 8days / 16h

RMB1100 / 4days / 8h


Wechat: Souldancingstudio


Souldancing FuXing:  Room 418, Block A, No.1199 Fuxing Rd (Jianshan Rd) /复兴中路1199号A座418室(嘉善路口)


– Stephanie Gion –

Stephanie自9岁学习专业古典芭蕾,从师于多位墨西哥芭蕾舞蹈家。青少年时期加入墨西哥知名专业芭蕾舞团 “Academia De la Danza Mexicana”学习和演出。自16岁开始在墨西哥城各大舞蹈学府教授成人与少儿芭蕾。2010年随墨西哥国家芭蕾舞团携剧目全球巡演与教学

Stephanie has been studying classical ballet professionally since she was 9 years old and has been a student of many Mexican ballet dancers. When she was a teenager, she joined Academia De la Danza Mexicana, one of Mexico’s best-known professional ballet companies, to study and perform. Since the age of 16, she has been performing and teaching aerial dance, ballet and contemporary in several shows, festivals, private events and schools in Mexico. Since 2010, she has been touring and teaching with the National Ballet Company of Mexico.



Souldancing Studio

We offer over 20 different styles, including:

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Pole, Chair Dance, Heels Dance, MTV Dance, Jazz Funk, Hiphop, Zumba, Yoga,  Private Wedding Dance, Company Teambuilding Class and variety styles of Kids Dance etc.

Souldancing Studio作为上海最大规模,最大国际师资团体的舞蹈工作室之一,拥有复兴和古北两个艺术中心,复兴中心总面积超过1300平方米,设有5间设施完整的舞蹈教室, VIP私人舞蹈课程教室,宽敞的更衣室和淋浴设施;古北中心拥有3间功能不同的舞蹈教室,配备专业舞蹈地板,舒适的休息区域。来自世界各地的专业舞蹈老师,将为您提供每天30小时及每周200节以上的舞蹈课程供您选择。

Souldancing Studio设有20种以上舞蹈课程,包括:


Souldancing FuXing: Room 418, Block A, No.1199 Fuxing Rd (Jianshan Rd) /复兴中路1199号A座418室(嘉善路口)

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