Victoria’s Secret Tailored for You Who Discover


Won’t you let your skinny pants and dress rest in the wardrobe this summer again, will you? If no, you must experience this Victoria’s Secret Slimming Classes — 2-hour non-stop training twice a week.


During those 2 hours workout, the 1st hour is Zumba training, that improves your heart and lungs function while burns out your extra calories; the 2nd hour is toning workout on the mat, which can shape the Mermaid line and sexy buttocks of yours. Who wants to be fit, sexier, healthier, more confident and attractive? Join the classes now.





Trainer of Victoria’s Secret Slimming Classes — Anastasia Lejeune has been training Zumba, fitness and dancing since 2008 in Russia and China.


Being a mom of an 8-month-old boy, Anastasia is definitely a hotty. After helping numerous people reshaping, she is here to bring this new experience to all of us. The tour is about to start, don’t you get ready to meet the upgraded you?

Class Schedule (from March 17th, 2015):

Tuesday 19:00-21:00

Saturday 13:00-15:00

Address: Souldancing Fu Xing Studio:Room 418, Block A, No. 1199 Middle Fu Xing Lu

Fee: 2 hour class for price of one

Open for all dance and fitness levels

Reserve your class online “”, call 021-62564400, WeChat us to “SouldancingChina”, or email to “”